How To Mix Music

We can all record at home!

We live in exciting times! In the past, you would need thousands of dollars to record your music in a way that could compete with the big studios. It was extremely cost prohibitive! These days, a few hundred bucks and a laptop will give you the tools you need to record high quality audio in the comfort of your own home. Sounds great right?

So, why do my home recordings still sound amateur?

If indeed the gear we can afford is capable of producing high quality results (and it it) then why don’t your recordings sound like the ones on the radio? The short answer…. you haven’t yet learned how to mix music. If you are able to put a mic in front of your instrument, move it around until you get a sound you like, hit the big red button and actually capture a clean, high quality sound and are STILL not satisfied with the end result your mix is most likely the culprit. Watch the video below to learn how you might go about improving your mix game…

What are you waiting for?

Simply fill in the form in the sidebar to get the first video in this series. I guarantee you will finish with new insights into the mixing process that you’ve never considered before. Your music WILL sound better or your money back…. er…. wait…. IT’S FREE! 😉

Learn how to mix any style of music in any music mixing software program you prefer!

Once you understand the fundamental principles of getting a great sounding, balanced mix you won’t be limited to any particular software. The principles are universal. Even if you prefer to use hardware instead of a modern DAW (digital audio workstation) these same principles apply.

If you’ve been making home recordings for a while and are STILL not happy with the overall quality of the end result this free course is for you. 🙂

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