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  • Confirmed

    Ivan Ferry

    Muito bom! Obrigado.

  • Confirmed

    Matthew Del

    Outstanding! This is what I hear in some of my favorite albums, the three dimensions of sound. Panning has always been obvious and even the ambiance/depth has come somewhat easier when trying to mix, but you have just helped to begin my "aha moment" about the vertical field. I've never found... ...

  • Week 01 - What is a good mix? Where do we begin?

    Gary Harrison

    Excellent Start. Some very good concepts and information. Can't wait to learn more.

  • Confirmed

    Ashton Tidwell

    You have my attention. Thanks for the offer and I look forward to the next lesson. It sounds like you know your stuff.

  • Confirmed

    Kevin Crawford

    Dezz, thank you man! Finally an approach that is clear and systematically communicated. I am an educator also, and I and wired to receive and convey information in a structured manner. I am excited to learn and get my mixes sounding good!

  • Confirmed

    Robert Edward Szekely

    You make an interesting point about not mixing in circles, by avoiding the mistake of trying to simultaneously accomplish different elements of the process in music creation such as tracking and mixing. Yet their are DAWs such as Mackie Tracktion which cater to exactly this approach. What are... ...

  • Confirmed

    Al Kearns

    Like what I've seen so far... does this series only come one video/day? /week? Very clear, and concise... everything makes sense so far!

  • Pre Launch Video 2

    Andre Rudge Barbosa

    I'm liking these videos very much... little by little, with time to absorb. So far I'm glad that some topics mentioned by Dezze I've already do naturally, others help me convincing that I'm on the right way. Love it!

  • Confirmed


    It is so great to be able to learn these things, I feel like just the first course taught me some invaluable lessons, things i have been doing wrong for so long now.

  • Pre Launch Video 3

    Antwaun Platt

    Very Informative Dezz.

    I enjoyed this video a lot. The way you spoke about the use of reverbs and delays was great. Also, I think you may want to really try to inform your listeners about the importance of (strategizing for a mix), and the importance of trying to hear the mix as a... ...

UPDATE: The deal just got better! Take a full 60 days to see if this course is right for you! If not, no worries. I’ll refund every penny!

Have you been struggling to get that polished, professional sound from your recordings? Have you ever wondered why your home recordings sound like bedroom recordings? The answer is almost certainly your mix!

Fortunately, I have a fix for that and I call it MixLessons.com!

MixLessons.com is the webs most in depth online mixing course! With weekly HD video lessons plus downloadable sessions for you to practice with in your own studio, you’ll be mixing at a professional level before you know it!

Some of the things you’ll find inside MixLessons.com?


  • An in-depth weekly course on modern record mixing starting from the very beginning
  • Weekly action items and downloadable sessions for you to practice with at home
  • Convenient PDF “bullet point” breakdowns for each lesson
  • Friendly and helpful community forum

So, how does it all work?

You start with high quality, concise, and thorough video lessons. These lessons have been designed to lead you in a very clear and methodical manner through the concepts, theories and skills involved in producing a great mix.

Second, most weeks also involve downloadable exercise files for you to import into your own system for the purpose of practice and to train your ears (very important!).

Third (and perhaps the most important) is the awesome MixLessons.com community members who are always on hand to answer questions and to help clarify any topics of disscussion you may need assistance with!

This is the most powerful and effective way to learn…Period!


Here’s what some MixLessons.com students had to say…


“Who needs to spend money going to recording school when you have people like Dezz to teach you the ropes. He’s taking over the online education in recording and has made it easy and affordable. He is very easy to listen to and does not go above your head too much. Highly recommend to the recording enthusiast!”
Jessica Hayes, Oshawa Ontario
“I had no idea what a good mix even was. I’m happy to say that my mixes now sound pro. I’m finally able to feel great about my studio rates too.”
Ron Mills, Oshawa Ontario



-If you are ready to take your own music productions to the next level in quality,

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    • The webs most in-depth mixing course
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Monthly Membership: $37.97/Month


Lifetime Membership: $497 One Time!