Welcome to the MixLessons.com Mix Challenge!

MixLessons.com - Mix Challenge - TechMuze AcademyWe’re all here to become better audio engineers, right? Well, practice makes perfect. The point of the MixLessons.com Mix Challenge is to give you a reason to practice and also to provide you with fresh material to practice on.

Most of the time the prize for being voted best mix is simply bragging rights. However, for members of the MixLessons.com community, I will occasionally have a sweet prize to honor the winner with.

This Challenge is closed! However, I’ll leave the files up if you want something to practice on.

…And The Winner Is:

Damian Jacobs



For those of you who need some guidance, Here’s a link to my rough mix for reference.

This session was was written and produced by Michael Arthur Trembly (a student here at MixLessons.com) in his home studio using Logic Studio on a Mac. It is a perfect example of a typical home recording and I thank Michael for allowing us to mess with it!

Get as creative as you can when you mix this. Think outside the box… or not! When your finished, please share a link with us here.

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