A Simple Trick To Maintain Headroom In Your Mixes

Have you ever been working on a mix and found the constant need to pull your master fader down to avoid clipping? I think we’ve all been there. The master fader should remain at zero most of the time. The problem is that ass you add tracks into your mix you may find that you quickly run out of headroom. Well, there is a simple way to ensure you always have enough headroom to get the balances you need without having to touch the master fader. Watch the video to learn how…


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  1. Naresh Putty
    3 years ago

    hii when i add the kick can i make it peak to 0db and then snare under 0db
    or when adding kick on channel one mixer my kick should reach -12 db

  2. Drew Hallenbeck
    4 years ago

    Hey Dez, great post. Gain staging is boring but important! Question, when all your levels are set to -10db, does this mean that the signal hitting the first insert slot is going to be -10db regardless of where your fader is set or is the original level of the audio what will hit the first insert slot?

    • techmuze
      4 years ago

      Not necessarily. The combined tracks will add up to more. Also, -10 was just an arbitrary number for the sake of demonstration. You may need to go lower. Depends on the number of tracks you’re dealing with.