Want to know why your home recordings still suck?

Hint: It's not your gear...

How to mix music in your home studio

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About these music production courses:

How to mix music - music production courseAdvances in technology have made it possible for the average musician to create high quality recordings in the comfort of home. What used to cost multiple thousands of dollars in gear can now be achieved for a few hundred bucks!

Assuming you have a reasonably modern computer at your disposal, a hundred dollar audio interface (bundled with recording software), a mic and some speakers is all you need to make high quality home recordings.

So why is it that your own recordings seem to lack that professional sound? What is it that you need to learn to get your records to compete?

How to mix music!

The fact that affordable studio equipment is abundant means it’s more important than ever to learn how to mix music if you want to compete in the industry. Your ability to create a balanced 3 dimensional soundstage to present your tracks to the listener is what makes the difference between a polished, professional track and your typical “bedroom record”.

These MixLessons.com music production courses are designed to give you the theory and practical skills that will drastically raise the quality of your home recordings.

If you’re ready to learn how to mix music, read on!

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